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Minimal image with influxdb.

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The image is available on

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Using Influxdb

The Chainguard Influxdb image contains the influxd server binary, the influx client, and the docker script.

The entrypoint script contains logic to bootstrap, initialize, and upgrade existing installations. For full documentation, see the script docs.

This image can be run directly:

$ docker run -p 8086:8086
2023-04-15T11:56:12.%NZ warn    boltdb not found at configured path, but DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_MODE not specified, skipping setup wrapper        {"system": "docker", "bolt_path": ""}
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.323316Z lvl=info msg="Welcome to InfluxDB" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 version=v2.7.0 commit=85f725f build_date=2023-04-15T11:56:12Z log_level=info
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.323358Z lvl=warn msg="nats-port argument is deprecated and unused" log_id=0hDCD0dW000
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.326781Z lvl=info msg="Resources opened" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=bolt path=/var/lib/influxdb2/influxd.bolt
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.326920Z lvl=info msg="Resources opened" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=sqlite path=/var/lib/influxdb2/influxd.sqlite
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.327433Z lvl=info msg="Bringing up metadata migrations" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service="KV migrations" migration_count=20
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.352187Z lvl=info msg="Bringing up metadata migrations" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service="SQL migrations" migration_count=8
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370027Z lvl=info msg="Using data dir" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=storage-engine service=store path=/var/lib/influxdb2/engine/data
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370132Z lvl=info msg="Compaction settings" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=storage-engine service=store max_concurrent_compactions=6 throughput_bytes_per_second=50331648 throughput_bytes_per_second_burst=50331648
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370144Z lvl=info msg="Open store (start)" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=storage-engine service=store op_name=tsdb_open op_event=start
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370198Z lvl=info msg="Open store (end)" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=storage-engine service=store op_name=tsdb_open op_event=end op_elapsed=0.055ms
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370254Z lvl=info msg="Starting retention policy enforcement service" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=retention check_interval=30m
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.370273Z lvl=info msg="Starting precreation service" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=shard-precreation check_interval=10m advance_period=30m
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.371172Z lvl=info msg="Starting query controller" log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=storage-reads concurrency_quota=1024 initial_memory_bytes_quota_per_query=9223372036854775807 memory_bytes_quota_per_query=9223372036854775807 max_memory_bytes=0 queue_size=1024
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.373840Z lvl=info msg="Configuring InfluxQL statement executor (zeros indicate unlimited)." log_id=0hDCD0dW000 max_select_point=0 max_select_series=0 max_select_buckets=0
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.378435Z lvl=info msg=Starting log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=telemetry interval=8h
ts=2023-04-15T11:56:12.378653Z lvl=info msg=Listening log_id=0hDCD0dW000 service=tcp-listener transport=http addr=:8086 port=8086

Or using the helm chart:

$ helm repo add influxdata
$ helm upgrade --install influxdb \
    influxdata/influxdb2 \
    --set \
    --set image.tag=latest-arm64
Release "influxdb" does not exist. Installing it now.
NAME: influxdb
LAST DEPLOYED: Sat Apr 15 07:57:28 2023
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
InfluxDB 2 is deployed as a StatefulSet on your cluster.

You can access it by using the service name: influxdb-influxdb2

To retrieve the password for the 'admin' user:

  echo $(kubectl get secret influxdb-influxdb2-auth -o "jsonpath={.data['admin-password']}" --namespace default | base64 --decode)

Note: with enabled persistence, admin password is only set once during the initial deployment. The password is not changed when InfluxDB 2 is re-deployed with different password.

Chainguard Images contain software packages that are direct or transitive dependencies. The following licenses were found in the "latest" version of this image:

  • Apache-2.0

  • GCC-exception-3.1

  • GPL-2.0-only

  • GPL-2.0-or-later

  • GPL-3.0-or-later

  • LGPL-2.1-or-later

  • MIT

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For a complete list of licenses, please refer to this Image's SBOM.

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